Jsuelieta Chaika
Image caption
Vital statistics
Title Sorceress
Gender Female
Race Human
Player Jsuelieta
Level 8 Sorcerer
Status Alive

Description Edit

Jsuelieta is just short of six feet tall with back-length brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing her snake familiar Rattles around her head like a tiara. She wears a blue cloak embroidered with gold dragons over some relatively simple clothing. Her eyes are oddly draconic-looking, bearing slit pupils and amber irises, though they're dull-looking, lacking any kind of life.

Background Edit

Jsuelieta has spent her entire career as a sorceress doing what she calls 'wizard work' by actually keeping her nose in a tome anytime she finds one that furthers her needs. Ultimately her goal is to find a way to unlock the blood of dragons that sorcerers are said to have running through their veins and purge herself of her human form in favor of the draconic. So far there hasn't been a lot of progress, short of a few temporary spells.

Stats Edit

HP: 38 Str 8 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 10 Cha 22

Saves Edit

Fort 4 Reflex 3 Will 6

Feats Edit

Endurance (+4 to certain checks)

Diehard (conscious at -1 to -9 hp)

Heighten Spell (can make any spell any number of levels higher, up to 9th level)

Spell Penetration (+2 to caster level checks against spell resistance)

Skills Edit

Skills with numbers in [brackets] indicate a synergy bonus from other skills being so high.

DEX (+1) Skills Edit

Sleight of Hand [2]

CON (+2) Skills Edit

Concentration 11

INT (+2) Skills Edit

Decipher Script 11

Knowledge (Arcana) 11

Spellcraft 11+[2]

CHA (+6) Skills Edit

Bluff 11

Diplomacy [2]

Intimidate [2]

Equipment Edit

Equipped/Worn Edit

Cloak of Charisma +4, Heward's Handy Haversack, Darkwood Quarterstaff (Masterwork), Explorer's Outfit

In Haversack Edit

Piece of Parchment x10, Vial of Ink x10, Ink Pen x3, Trail Rations x7, Waterskin, 10-foot pole, Bedroll

On Person Edit

Belt Pouch, Spell Component Pouch

Spells Edit

0-Level Edit

These spells can be cast six times per day:

Acid Splash Arcane Mark Detect Magic Mage Hand Mending Prestidigitation Ray of Frost Read Magic

1st Level Edit

These spells can be cast six times per day, plus two more for high charisma:

Disguise Self Identify Mage Armor Magic Missile Shield

2nd Level Edit

These spells can be cast six times per day, plus two more for high charisma:

Alter Self Eagle's Splendor Summon Monster II

3rd Level Edit

These spells can be cast five times per day, plus one more for high charisma:

Dispel Magic Summon Monster III

4th Level Edit

These spells can be cast three times per day, plus one more for high charisma:



  • Her eyes are really emerald green, she just wears draconic contact lenses.
  • "Jsuelieta" translates to "Jade" in an ancient language. It would likely take a high DC Knowledge (History) or Bardic Lore check to know that, though.
  • Jsuelieta has no item that transforms her like everyone else, and is generally weary of those types of items.

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